Style Guide

Style Guide

About The VanityVibe Style Guide

At VanityVibe, we’re here not merely to put up products for you to like and buy if you like them, but also to help make the buying process easier for the boss: you.

A style guide could help make a much-informed purchase, and many of you would agree. So, just for you gals, the Vanity Vibe team has developed this personalized style guide.

Once you have created your style profile you will receive a free, beautifully illustrated Style Guide customized to your body shape, style, personality, favorite colors, your own personal likes and dislikes and much more.

For example: if you want to be seen as an industry expert, you could wear your industry's version of professional. That could be a dress suit, or it could be jeans and a blouse dressed up with a great pair of heels.

Or choose forgiving fabrics that follow the natural curves of your body but aren't too flowy (especially on top).

And these would be mere suggestions. At the end of the day, YOU choose!

Yours in Style,

Trish & Lina