Make a Deal!

MAKE A DEAL! Happy Hours Make a Deal


We all remember making deals somewhere or the other, some time or all the time in our lives. 

The catch phrase “let’s make a deal” is an old American standard for two people both getting their own way - sometimes, despite differences - and being fully satisfied at the end of a transaction.

We thought we could bring that same standard to the fun shopping environment at

Both me and Lina remembered our early shopping days, when we were teens and then early twenties, too. Heck, even today!

Not a single shopping experience went by without either of us trying to get a DEAL or two out of it. For us girls - and I am sure for quite a lot of you gentlemen out there - the DEAL is the cincher! 

Not so much as the product or the brand or even the shop. We’ve visited markets in several countries, shopping like crazy, looking for those elusive deals!

We firmly ended up believing that it is a girl’s prerogative to invariably haggle, bargain, but always, always to get GOOD DEALS! Ha!

This attitude in our early twenties (just a few years ago, that) proved tough for us hoi polloi on the diamond studded (pun, this!) luxury shopping streets of Paris. And Milan. Or on Saks Avenue. 

At that age, you’re like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, you see. When we began our own businesses soon after, we could very well afford those shopping towers of the high and mighty; but the art or the urge of MAKING A DEAL never went away...

Cut to the present, both I and Lina took some time to come up with a cool and happy promotion, which we decided to carry out over a weekend day, all throughout the year.

Let’s call them Happy Hours. Happy hours are easy on the pocket, but seldom are really happy, to begin with.

Every Saturday or/and Sunday we’re gonna have our own VV happy hours (of course, we’ll run the gamut of banners n stuff for that and also post on our social media properties plus the VV Group Forum) so that you guys get a regular and much-in-advance heads up.

And though Black Friday isn’t really black and most Happy Hours aren’t really happy, we fully intend to get you to visit us and leave with a broad grin - the phrase is called: cheshire grin - that’s a broad faced, end-to-end grin like Garfiled the cat. make a Deal Rewards Promotion

Here’s what will happen during those Happy Hours, let me run you guys through it:

Right across the board in several categories, will offer the option for YOU to Make a Deal on the items therein. 

Okay. So a bit more clearer, now.

Let’s say there would be over a 100 products for the Make a Deal reward promo. Let’s say there’s this Gucci bag that you’ve always thought was THE ONE for you and your personality. Or guys, you wanna gift it to that most important person in your life...

Breaking it further down from here:

Retail cost of the bag in stores and the brand’s online shop: $2100

Normal (discounted) price on VanityVibe: $1099

This item is available during HH for making a deal; you’ll now get an option to offer your price (make a deal) to me and Lina.

Let’s say you punch in this price: $650

Let’s say we refuse it (haha! The fun of bargaining) and we counter offer or leave you to suggest another price, and you now say: $750

Well, remember, this all is going on in real time, and both Lina and I ARE gonna be there. And we’re gonna make a DEAL together, with just a few clicks of a single button - no boring chats, no long convos...

Cut to the end of a 10 minute or so bargain story to and fro…

You grin like a cheshire cat and go away with that bag for $775!

Now, we do the math, and here’s the end result: H+A+P+P+I+N+E+S+S

Nah, we didn’t really learn this math in school or in college. It is a natural byproduct of being rewarded for your hard-earned effort to make a living, and we respect that.

This is not about saving tons of moolah; it’s about that math equation that I typed above…

That’s what we want your experience to be with this super promo!


~ Trish