Buy Together, with the GroupSave Option: Group Buying Promotion


Finding ways to save money creatively is sometimes a challenge. After all, there are only so many things you can cut from your budget. If you'd like to increase your savings, you may need to try an entirely different approach altogether.

VanityVibe GroupSave is a member’s social promotion offered by, where you get discounts when you buy together with other like-minded people. 

It could be friends, family or just casual acquaintances or it could be a bunch of folks you met on the VanityVibe Social Forum; it could even be people you don't even know!

You can get impressive discounts just by inviting your friends to join. The advantage to GroupSave is that each of the members of the group save a pile! 

Some deals have a limited number of purchases allowed, but others are unlimited, meaning anyone can scoop them up. They may only be listed on the VanityVibe website for one day or just a few hours. You can stay on top of group buy offerings by signing up for our email alerts plus we would be putting them up on our social network pages AND the VanityVibe Forum Group as well!

Pooling resources with your neighbors or locals in your area is another great way to execute a GroupSave buying strategy.

VanityVibe GroupSave Promotion Rewards

How To Start a New Group

You can lead a new group and get others to join it. Choose the item/s, pay the discounted price and invite others to join. Trust me, it’s fun. 

I know it doesn’t have to be everyday - but imagine you wanting to gift your bro or your BFF a Super cool Gucci tee, which we’re offering in bulk and you do GroupSave for that one - you could end up getting a whopping 30% discount on top of the already 25-40% discount on retail that we at VanityVibe put up top brand items for! 

Getting a Gucci for the price of a local piece...You’d be killing it!

Join an Existing Group

You can of course choose a group and join it to enjoy the discounted price - from our VanityVibe Social Group Forum or even join one on the fly as the GroupSave promo is going on. See, sometimes merely us offering flash sales and discounts is not even fun anymore - everybody does that.

You and us, we're gonna do things differently. Well, it could be more entertaining than the Presidential debate, lol. At least you’ll end up making (saving) money here!

Only TWO People Required!

At the moment, for benefiting from GroupSave, you just need TWO people in a group to get the VanityVibe special pricing. So all you need is one friend, or to join an existing group to immediately get the deal.

What if Nobody Joins My Group?

If you can't get a friend to join your group, your money is refunded automatically, as you only need one other person. 

Almost all of the people who start our GroupSave deal will enjoy group discounts - it’s the way it works in the first place. 

And, in case it turns out to be a damp squib, well, you already have a cool 10% to 70% discount on items in our store, anyways!

At the end of the day, it’s gonna be fun, trust me. I AM a die-hard shopper and I know what it means to save each and every extra hard-earned buck of mine…

You see, me and Trish are in this business to make money, of course. And if we can make that by passing every benefit to you; yeah, cutting out the middlemen, yadda, yadda, yadda and all that…

But, if you’re not having fun being here and at the very least saving money , we’re not gonna have as much fun making it.


~ Lina